ProFill Client Success Story - Foothills Brewing

When a beverage manufacturer is ready to take the next step in the production, they call ProBrew. In this example, Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem, North Carolina partnered with ProBrew to bring their production facility into a whole other level.

Hi, I'm TL Adkinson, the brewmaster at Foothills Brewing in Winston-Salem. We opened our doors on St. Patrick's Day in 2005 at our original brewpub location downtown. The North Carolina craft beer scene was much different back then; we were the 18th brewery in the state. Now, the state has over 400 breweries.

We started with self-distribution, mainly draft beer, and about a pallet a week of 22-ounce bottles of Hopium. In late 2010, we secured this building to increase our production size and installed a 50-barrel brewhouse. We signed with wholesalers and began expanding our distribution.

PRW and Foothills started our relationship in late 2022, with the ProFill being installed in early 2023. The main goal of Foothills is to produce high-quality beer, and with the ProFill, we're able to achieve that at scale. This benefits not only the people who visit our taproom to enjoy a draft beer but also our wholesale and bar partnerships across the United States.

Previously, we had a machine that ran about 35-40 cans per minute and also relied on mobile canning. Since acquiring the ProFill 200, our operations have changed significantly. We used to run packaging around the clock, but now, thanks to the reliability and speed of the machine, we can manage with just one packaging shift. It has allowed us to get more barrels out the door in a shorter amount of time.

Service was a key consideration when we were shopping for a canning line. Everyone I spoke to who had one of these machines spoke highly of the service. The ProFill enables breweries like Foothills to produce high-quality beer at scale and meet their production schedules and deadlines efficiently.

For more information about our journey and the ProFill system, please visit our website.