ProCarb™ Mini - Mobile Beverage Carbonation and Nitrogenation

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The ProCarb Mini utilizes the same proven technology found in the ProCarb but delivers it in a smaller, ultra-portable, lower cost package for brewers wanting to reap the gains of quicker inline carbonation, more precise carbonation control than using stones, higher CO2 utilization, and reliable, maintenance free operation with Allen-Bradley PLC control and automation. ProCarb Mini is cost effective inline carbonation or nitrogenation system designed to speed up and simplify the process of carbonation or nitrogenation in any craft brewery.

Features & Benefits
  • Reduce carbonation times by over 500%
  • Optional 24 VDC battery power allows up to 12-hours of cordless operation
  • Safe and easy movability
  • 1’ x 2’ foot print
  • PLC controlled digital flow-meters and simple hose connections allow easy, automatic operation and accurate carbonation injection control.
  • Automatic pressure control guarantees levels and saturation pressures for optimal stability and quality
  • Optimally disperses gasses while eliminating room for unwanted DO (dissolved oxygen)
  • Increase CO2 or N2 utilization with improved accuracy and repeatable results
  • Increase sustainability and reduce carbon footprint