High-Temperature, Short-Time (HTST) Flash Pasteurization Systems

Quickly and effectively pasteurize your beverage with ProBrew’s customizable inline, high-temperature, short-time pasteurizers, the FlashPas! FlashPAS systems range in speeds from 5 gallons per minute with a dedicated hold time, to 10 – 30 gallons per minute with optional triple hold times. Our flash pasteurization systems can also be easily integrated to our ProCarb carbonation technology. This enables beverage producers to achieve precise and repeatable results with a range of beverage styles.

Our state-of-the-art Flash Pasteurizers sustain continuous product flow while regulating the process speed to evenly expose the liquid to temperatures of 160 °F to 165 °F for about 15 to 30 seconds, followed immediately by a rapid cool down to a product temperature ranging from 39.2 °F to 42 °F. This process eliminates unwanted, harmful microorganisms in the Kombucha or juice to safeguard product quality and shelf life.

Our Ready-To-Drink beverage processing solutions include comprehensive technologies like our FlashPAS inline HTST Flash Pasteurizer, Ingredient & Alcohol Batching & Blending systems, ProCarb carbonation technology, and our rotary ProFill Can filler and seamer systems!