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Welcome to ProBrew where we continually focus our American engineering and technical resources and experience on developing the technology, innovation, tools and systems to make breweries better and help you

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Brewery Equipment for the Modern Brewer & Beverage Processor

Craft brewing is more than just a business opportunity; it’s a passion. At ProBrew, we put the same passion into every piece of equipment we make – and back it up with 24/7 service & support – so that our customers can brew their best. We offer a complete line of brewery equipment for small to large craft breweries, microbreweries, beverage processors, and start-ups around the globe across the continent.

Brewery equipment from ProBrew incorporates sophisticated process automation to provide consistent results and perfect brews barrel after barrel. Our scalable, compatible systems allow breweries of all sizes to grow at their perfect pace.

Streamlined Sophistication

The ProBrew line of craft brewery equipment includes:

  • ProBrew – Brewhouse technology from ProBrew offers manual to semi-automatic & fully-automated brewhouses in 10 to 30bbl sizes and two to four tank systems with customization available.
  • ProCellar – the full brewery cellar automation is serviced and designed without the need for hoses. Our cellar system offers remote access and control to eliminate mistakes while boosting efficiency, sanitation, and safety.
  • ProCarb – complete in-line carbonation and nitrogenation systems on the cutting edge of technology. From the ProCarb Mini to the ProCarb Plus, our carbonation equipment offers flexibility, speed, and efficiency no matter the size of your operation.
  • ProFill – customized filling systems for canning with speeds of 90-200 cans per minute using true counter-pressure-gravity filling and rotary seaming technology for minimal Dissolved Oxygen (DO) pickup, smooth transition, and longer shelf life. Keg filling equipment ranging from two to four filling and washing valves, now available in one to two head mobile systems.
  • ProLine – we partner with industry leading manufacturers offering technology and efficiency for smooth transition to and from our filling technology
  • ProService – our service technicians are on call 24/7 to provide our customers with the best resources to keep you online and operating at your full potential.
Expanding Applications

Beyond Beer

The brewing profession has expanded beyond beer. Our products are finding their way into operations across many exciting industries such as coffee, tea, cider, kombucha, wine, distilled spirits, and cannabis infused beverages. Talk to us about your ideas!

Expert Service

ProBrew is your partner in the brewing business. Whether it’s choosing the right equipment for your needs or operational support, ProBrew is in your corner through every step of the process.

To learn more about ProBrew, our systems, and our turnkey installation services, give us a call today at 262-278-4945. Talk to us about your brewing needs and how we can help your craft brewery or beverage processing business grow.