ProFill V - Volumetric Can Filler and Seamer

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These can fillers run at speeds between 100 – 600+ cans per minute while achieving precise and consistent filling volumes in multiple can sizes for a variety of beverages and liquids. Monobloc design gives customers a simple, single blocked unit consisting of the state-of-the-art ProFill V filling carousel integrated with a true tangential discharge to the integrated ProFill seaming system.

The ProFill V Series comes in several sizes: ProFill 100V running at 100+ cans per minute, ProFill V 200 running 200+, the ProFill 300 V, and the ProFill 600V! All ProFill Can fillers maintain an industry low dissolved oxygen pickup rate of < 30 ppb and allow for less than 1% products waste during packaging.

Product Features & Benefits
  • V = VERSATILEThe ProFill V is designed to fill beer, carbonated soft drinks, water, RTDs (Ready to Drink) beverages, seltzers, ciders, juices and even non-carbonated beverages.
  • V = VALUEThe ProFill V series of can fillers operates at an optimal price and performance value, delivering rapid ROI for users.
  • V = VOLUMETRIC ACCURACYThe ProFill V delivers 3-times better filling accuracy than conventional fill to level can fillers. This accuracy, enhanced by AI filling technology, produces instant ROI.
  • Quick Changeover Means More Volume

    The ProFill V Series utilizes a sophisticated electronic HMI interface for recipe-based changeovers and simple and repeatable filler operation. This means that there are shortened changeover times, leading to more overall production capability. Hygienically designed, stainless steel can handling and change parts allow for easier cleaning, quick changeover, and super smooth can transport in and out of the filler & seamer.

  • Reduce Manual Interaction with AI

    ProFill V’s embedded AI (Artificial Intelligence) digital filling technology means manual interaction is rarely needed due to the ProFill V’s AI error correction algorithms always monitoring and optimizing each filling valve’s performance.

  • Easily Integrate with Other Beverage Processing Solutions

    Plus, the process system integration with industry leader TechniBlend, known for world-class beverage blending, carbonation or nitrogenation, deaeration, flash pasteurization, and any other up-stream process is fully integrated into the ProFill V filling system.