Hard Seltzer Made Easy!

Inline Alcohol Separation System

Clearly Different, Clearly Better

The ProBrew Alchemator is a game-changer that allows craft brewers and beverage producers to easily make crystal-clear Hard Seltzer from beer, cider, or other fermented alcohol. The Alchemator incorporates ProBrew’s industry recognized Plug-&-Play simplicity also found in the popular ProCarb Mini and other ProBrew systems.

Double? No Trouble

Double your volume, double your product offerings, double your sales! Flavored Hard Seltzers and LA/NA Beers are rapidly growing in popularity. By running the Alchemator 2.0 with Reconstitution Mode, you can turn 30bbl of beer into 30bbl of LA/NA beer and produce 30bbl of alcoholic malt beverage base by simply adding water!

Best Beer Quality

The Alchemator’s unique process control and membrane technology allows brewers to process beer at normal post-fermentation temperatures of 32-34°F. This helps prevent oxygen pickup, reduces stress on the beer, and maintains essential flavor and quality characteristics such as: aroma, color and turbidity better than thermal dealcoholizing systems.

Straight to Packaging

The Alchemator has the ability to supply finished beverages directly to packaging (kegging, canning, bottling). With optional ProCarb Inline Carbonation and Inline Flavor Blending, the Alchemator can supply finished beverage at 50 x 12oz. containers per minute. Obviously, the option also exists to go to a secondary/brite tank for storage.


The Alchemator is available in different configurations to meet any brewery or beverage producers’ needs. Custom designed and engineered systems are also available upon request.

  • Alchemator 1.0 – Alcohol Separation Mode
    The Alchemator separates water and alcohol from the feed Beer and creates a clear, malt based, Hard Seltzer base at a nominal flow rate of 3.0 gpm. Alcoholic water pulled from beer can easily be carbonated and flavored to create hard seltzer.
  • Alchemator 2.0 – With Reconstitution Mode
    The ProBrew Alchemator’s unique separation technology also allows for the upgrade to Reconstitute the feed Beer with filtered, deaerated process water to produce a great tasting, NA (Non-Alcohol) Beer. By replacing the removed water and alcohol with deaerated water, brewers and hard seltzers producers can double their production volume by simply adding water back to the beer.

Features & Benefits

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