Kombucha and Juice

At ProBrew, you might know us as your craft beer equipment engineers. Though we are proud of our continued accomplishments in the craft beer industry, we are excited to expand our services and technology into the worlds of kombucha and juice production. Through the use of our ProCarb units, ProFill Can filling technology, High Gravity Blenders, and Flash Pasteurizers, ProBrew is able to provide this kombucha and juice industry with the preservation, processing and packaging equipment it needs. Using these advanced techniques, we are able to guarantee your product is fresh, consistent, and produced with minimal waste.

ProBrew Equipment for Kombucha and Juice Production

Carbonation technology has become a necessity in the kombucha and juice manufacturing business. Speeding up the process of carbonation during and after the fermentation process is key to growing production, but waiting for nature to take its course can be extremely inconsistent and time-consuming. In order to mass produce kombucha, beverage makers rely on equipment like our ProCarb units to achieve exact and repeatable levels of fizz without distorting the flavor profile from batch to batch.

Our ProCarb units can handle a variety of carbonation and nitrogenation levels according to your product’s specifications. With our HDMI interface utilizing Allen Bradley PLC controls, we can ensure that every ounce kombucha and juice receives evenly distributed and consistent gasification.

The addition of a ProFill Can filler to your kombucha or juice making facility can greatly increase your production speeds, beverage quality, distribution, and product shelf life. ProFill Can lines range in speeds from 90cpm (cans per minute) to 300cpm and are easily interchangeable for different can sizes.

ProFill Can lines use true counter-pressure gravity filling technology to virtually eliminate extra DO (dissolved oxygen) pickup and the loss of other gasses and help preserve a longer product shelf life. ProFill Can fillers come standard with tangential transfer and rotary seaming technology to provide a smooth can handover followed by a strategic double-sealed seamer allowing for more efficient packaging with minimal product disturbance or waste.

ProFill Can lines utilize an HDMI interface with Allen Bradley PLC controls for operator efficiency and easy regulation.

Through the use of our High Gravity Blenders, beverage companies can fine-tune their recipe’s exact mix, ensuring the final product maintains the intended consistency and flavor. Using a system of gravity control and liquid injection, a single batch of product can be multiplied into several batches with the addition of water, vinegar, syrup, and more. This allows beverage makers to brew concentrated batches of kombucha or juice, often with higher ABV levels, and divide the product afterwards.

When ProBrew decided to branch into the newest trending markets, we once again looked to our parent company, TechniBlend Inc, for research and development into exactly what equipment beverage processors will need to safely and successfully produce their CBD & THC infused products.

ProBrew’s line of Flash Pasteurizers allow for the safe and successful production of juices. Our state-of-the-art Flash Pasteurizers sustain continuous product flow while regulating the process speed to evenly expose the liquid to temperatures of 160 °F to 165 °F for about 15 to 30 seconds, followed immediately by a rapid cool down to a product temperature ranging from 39.2 °F to 42 °F. This process eliminates unwanted, harmful microorganisms in the Kombucha or juice to safeguard product quality and shelf life.

ProBrew engineers Flash Pasteurizers in a variety of sizes and modifications for production speeds ranging from 10 to 200 gallons per minute.

Our Services

Being professionals in the beverage processing industry, ProBrew has the knowledgeable staff and extensive production equipment to help support and grow the worlds of juice and kombucha. Whether your product calls for the use of ProCarb units, ProFill Can fillers, High Gravity Blenders, or Flash Pasteurizers, ProBrew has the equipment, technology and service to meet and exceed your expectations.

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