Coffees and Teas

At ProBrew, we supply companies in the craft beverage industry with high-quality, technologically advanced beverage processing equipment ranging from brewhouses to packaging lines. We have sustained continued growth and success in the craft beer market, and recently began extending our capabilities into other beverage industries that can benefit from similar technologies. Our coffee and tea brewing equipment includes innovative technologies like our ProCarb units, ProFill Can filler technology, ProBrew Keg Filling Equipment, and can even custom engineer a brewhouse for steeping teas or brewing coffee!

Coffee and Tea Brewing Equipment

Stores and distribution facilities across the country are stocking their shelves and selling out of canned coffee and tea at a rapid rate, and the ProFill Can filler has been making a big impact on the coffee and tea manufacturers to allow them to refill their shelf space faster and with a higher quality product. Coffee and tea manufacturers utilizing the ProFill Can filler greatly increase production speeds, product integrity, distribution, and shelf life with the use of a ProFill Can line’s true counter-pressure gravity filling technology, smooth tangential transfer, and double sealing rotary seamer.

The ProFill Can lines virtually eliminate extra DO (dissolved oxygen) pickup and the loss of other gasses while allowing for more efficient packaging with minimal product disturbance or waste. ProFill Can fillers range in speeds from 90cpm (cans per minute) to 300cpm and are easily interchangeable for different can sizes.

ProBrew’s ProCarb technology allows the beverage maker to inject and stabilize gasses into every ounce of their beverage quickly, evenly, and efficiently while shaving hours off the production time in comparison to brite stones or other gasification techniques. Through the use of our ProCarb units, your coffee or tea’s carbonation and nitrogenation can be adjusted to your exact specifications based on the amount and type of product being processed. All ProCarb units use Allen Bradly PLC controls for easy monitoring and gas distribution to ensure your exact levels of gasification are perfectly obtained every time.

Cold-brewed coffee is being kegged at an increasing rate to transfer large amounts of product to distributors and coffee shops. The ProBrew Keg Filling systems are a perfect fit for this industry due to the easy mobility and small footprint. ProBrew Mobile Keg Filling Equipment comes with 1 or 2 filling head options with automatic Allen Bradley PLC controls to ensure precise and repeatable filling accuracy and CO2 pre-evacuation features for minimal oxygen pick up.

The ProBrew Mobile Keg Filler creates convenient mobility features with the addition of a 24VDC battery and ergonomic cart allowing for up to 12 hours of cordless operation, and direct placement near the coffee kegging operation.

Our Services

Our team of dedicated professionals has a combined 50+ years of experience, and we’ve been making a splash in the brewing industry for over ten years. Today, ProBrew is extending our high-quality engineering and manufacturing capabilities to cold brew, coffee and tea market. With our professional-grade equipment and knowledgeable staff, we provide the technology & service that gives your beverage the quality and support you need. Whatever your product calls for, you can trust that ProBrew will meet and exceed your expectations.

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