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Today’s brewing is a blend of both art and process and we love the artistry that today’s brewers are creating.
However, we also believe that the application of science, engineering, technology and automation can give brewers
new tools to create even better works of art more efficiently, more economically, more consistently and with
greater respect for our environment through unmatched sustainability.



Break free from the restraints your mobile canner has on YOU. ProBrew is here to help you DEMOBILIZE.

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Brew Like A Pro™

Welcome to ProBrew where we continually focus our American engineering and technical resources and experience on developing the technology, innovation, tools and systems to make breweries better and help you “Brew Like A Pro”™.

ProBrew is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin and we understand the importance and value of being able to get parts and service in a timely and cost effective manner. Therefore, we stock the critical parts and components for our systems, and our service team is available 24/7. Our service engineers and service technicians are some of the most experienced in the industry and we believe that our customer service and support is the best product we offer.