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ProBrew™ offers a comprehensive range of US crafted, and US or internationally manufactured equipment and systems to meet many of the brewing and production needs of any brewery.

Brewing is a blend of both art and process and we love the artistry that today’s brewers are creating. However, we also understand that the application of science, engineering, technology and automation can give brewers new tools to create even better works of art more efficiently, more economically, more consistently and with greater respect for our environment through unmatched sustainability.

Welcome to ProBrew where we continually focus our American engineering and technical resources and experience on developing the technology, innovation, tools and systems to make breweries better and help you “Brew Like A Pro™”.


Simple, cost effective and innovative

Brewhouse Technology Brewhouse Technology

The heart of the brewing process is an efficient and consistent brewhouse. At ProBrew we believe in the right amount of automation for a brewhouse allowing science to support the art of brewing.

Utilizing state-of-the-art, industrial PLC’s with smartly distributed I/O and automation allows ProBrew to deliver semi-automatic or fully brewhouses that produce repeatable, efficient and high-yield brews at the right price-point.


ProBrew offers and manufactures brewhouses ranging from 10bbl, 15bbl, 30bbl and up. Brewhouses are available in traditional 3-tank systems (Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Whirlpool/Wort Kettle), 4-tank systems (Mash Tun, Lauter Tun, Whirlpool, Kettle) as well as in many other innovative and flexible configurations and styles. All are built of high-grade, 304 ANSI stainless steel, with many conventional US components from leading US suppliers.



All ProBrew brewhouses are upgradeable to utilize remote access and remote control software. This remote technology allows brewers and ProBrew service and support technicans to monitor critical brewing and cellar information and parameters remotely.


Brewery Technology at its Finest


ProBrew Fermentation and Brite tanks can be designed to perfectly match the output of a ProBrew brewhouse or may also be purchased individually to meet a brewery’s growing needs.

All ProBrew tanks and vessels are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Critical parameters such as, stainless steel grade & quality, cooling rates, insulation, cladding and supporting structure are designed to protect product integrity, maximize production yield and efficiency, and save energy and money for our customers.


Brewery cellar design and function can be enhanced by utilizing the all-new, ProCellar tank and process automation system to deliver reliable and efficient cellar operation. The revolutionary ProCellar system automates, simplifies, and tracks all wort transfer from the brewhouse, beer transfer within the cellar, flow paths and flow rates, and continuously monitors fermenter temperatures & parameters, manages glycol control to reduce energy consumption, improves yield, reduces oxygen pickup, and integrates with a full range of filtration, separation, ProCarb™ inline carbonation and nitrogenation systems, and CIP On-Demand™ brewery CIP systems to deliver world-class efficiency, reliability, yield, and sustainability.


ProCellar eliminates the need for hoses, and thereby improves efficiency, yield, and overall cleanliness and safety. Never make a beer transfer mistake again by incorporating ProCellar automation. ProCellar is available in a wide range of configurations designed to suit new, existing, and expanding brewery cellars. ProCellar also offers remote access and control of all critical brewery cellar operations.




ProCarb is a state-of-the-art, industry leading in- line carbonation and nitrogenation system that delivers the most accurate, consistent, easiest and quickest in-line carbonation and nitorgenation in the industry.

ProCarb is based on extensive research, development and the science of how gases like CO2 and N2 are absorbed into beer. ProCarb combines this know-how with world-class control technology into a reliable, easy to use, carbonation and nitrogenation system. ProCarb can be used as a standalone, mobile, or integrated cost-effective system to precisely carbonate or nitrogenate beer, reduce carbonation times by over 500%, increase CO2 or N2 utilization, improve carbonation accuracy, save significant floor space compared to brite tanks, and increase brewery sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.



ProCarb employs unique gas injection and mixing technology to ensure CO2 or N2 is optimally dispersed and absorbed. Precise, PLC controlled electronic flow- meters measure gas and liquid flow rates to control very accurate injection-ratios and automatic pressure control guarantees that gas saturation pressures are always achieved for optimal product stability and quality.



Separation Systems

Fermentation tank bottoms can contain over 75% perfectly brewed beer, plus additional yield exists within unclarified trub. Today’s centrifugal separation systems and technologies can help breweries recapture on average an additional 5-10% yield! ProBrew supplied separation systems offer industry leading features such as:


  • Wide range of brewing applications: hot wort, cold wort, green beer, fermentation to brite tank, prefiltration/polishing, and beer recovery from trub
  • Comprehensive Allen-Bradly PLC controls, automation and instrumentation options – including flow, turbidity and O2 sensors
  • Duplex & Super Duplex Stainless Steel construction of main bowl parts
  • Best-in-class hermetic mechanical sealing technology which reduces oxygen pickup
  • Precision engineered, smoother, quieter, and lower maintenance operation


ProCarb Plus™

ProBrew is pleased to introduce ProCarb Plus™ – a first of its kind, patent pending integrated ProCarb and centrifugal separation system. This revolutionary, proven process of carbonating or nitrogenating within the centrifuge offers significant benefits such as space savings, energy savings, tighter process control, precise and stable carbonation and nitrogenation, and a significant reduction of potential oxygen pickup within the separator or later in the cellaring process.


Patented utilization of the centrifugal separator for gas injection and absorption produces unmatched carbonation and nitrogenation in the brewing industry. Centrifugal forces equivalent to 17 G-force presents a tightly compressed gas particle into the beer which results in instant and complete absorption. The elevated pressure achieved during the separation and gasification process within the centrifugal separator exceeds normal gas saturation pressures, thereby assuring that the gas is fully dissolved in solution.



Profill Filling Systems Profill Filling Systems

The ProFill line of bottle, can and keg filling systems gives today’s rapidly growing craft brewers the platform and technology to meet today’s bottle, can and keg production requirements, plus offers a solid foundation for future growth at a competitive price investment.

The entire line of filling systems is designed around maintaining the highest levels of product quality, while delivering best-in-class levels of production efficiency, throughput, reliability and simplicity.



Key features of all ProFill bottle, can and keg filling systems are:

  • Very low Total Package Oxygen (TPO) or Dissolved Oxygen (DO) pickup
  • Precise fill control based on volumetric level or meter measurement technology
  • Heavy duty construction for extended maintenance free operation and reliability
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controls and automation with remote monitoring capability
  • US based service and -support, with domestic spare-parts and change-parts availability


Bottle, Can & Keg Filling Bottle, Can & Keg Filling

ProFill offers Bottle and Can models with the following standard features & technologies:

Pre-Evacuation for Minimized Air Pickup During Filling. ProFill Bottle fillers incorporate an integrated vacuum assisted air pre-evacuation system that pulls residual air and therefore oxygen from the bottle once it is sealed to the filling valve. This pre-evacuation technology immediately reduces air and oxygen content in the bottle.



ProFill Bottle and Can fillers are true Isobaric (counter- pressure-gravity) style fillers that also counter-pressures the bottle or can with CO2 prior to product filling. By counter-pressuring the container with CO2, the ProFill filling system drives out even more air and oxygen from the container.



ProFill Bottle

  • ProFill Bottle Model 50, 100, 200 available (i.e. ProFill Bottle 50 runs 50 bottles per minute)
  • True Vacuum Pre-Evacuation and Counter Pressure Gravity filling for very low oxygen pickup
  • MonoBloc design: Rinser-Filler-Crowner ensures positive container control and high-speed operation
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel, construction with integrated guarding and operator protection
  • Variable speed operation with electronic bowl level control for precise filling control
  • Simple, adjustable Rinser-Filler-Crowner height adjustment for different size containers
  • Quick-change bottle control parts for Rinser-Filler-Crowner



ProFill Can

  • ProFill Can Models 40, 40 Plus, 80, 200 are available (i.e. ProFill Can 80 runs 80 cans per minute)
  • True Rotary Counter-Pressure Gravity filling system
  • MonoBloc design: Filler with integrated, tangential transfer to can seaming machine
  • Pre-Evacuation with CO2 purging for very low oxygen pickup
  • Heavy-duty, stainless steel, construction with integrated guarding and operator protection
  • Variable speed operation with electronic bowl level control for precise filling control
  • Adjustable Filler-Seamer height adjustment for different size containers (i.e. 12oz & 16oz.)



ProFill Keg

  • ProFill Keg Models 11, 22, 33 (i.e. ProFill Keg 22 – 2 washing heads, 2 filling heads)
  • Automatic cleaning cycle including: pre-purge of CO2, water rinse, chemical and/or steam sanitize
  • Ergonomic Keg handling design and operation, with easy adjustment for different sizes
  • Integrated CIP tank for caustic chemical

Packaging Line Solutions

Proline Bottle Packaging Proline Bottle Packaging

ProLine is a comprehensive, innovative, customer-centric approach to designing bottling and canning lines that meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

ProLine packaging lines typically start with a ProFill Bottle or Can filler and utilize the most appropriate and reliable primary and secondary packaging systems such as depalletizers, uncasers, labelers, erectors, packers, palletizers and conveyor systems.



ProLine’s world-class group of packaging line designers and control engineers brings decades of experience from a variety of industries including large and small scale breweries to today’s rapidly growing craft brewing market. Our goal is to implement our simplified, proven, line-design philosophy with standardized design architecture, which results in accelerated startups, minimized operator involvement and long-term sustained line performance.



In combination with ProLine’s design and engineering services, ProBrew offers a full range of brewery specific technical and support services including brewery design and engineering, utility engineering, equipment and system specification, as well as, onsite turnkey brewery implementation and installation, and equipment and system technical service and support for the complete range of ProBrew products as well as legacy or 3rd-party brewery equipment.



ProBrew is based in New Berlin, Wisconsin and we understand the importance and value of being able to get parts and service in a timely and cost effective manner. Therefore, we stock the critical parts and components for our systems, and our service team is available 24/7. Our service engineers and service technicians are some of the most experienced in the industry and we believe that our customer service and support is the best product we offer.



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