ProFill Rotary Can Filler and Seamer

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The ProFill Can filling system is a state-of-the-art, high-speed, mechanically controlled can filling system designed around proven European true-counter-pressure-gravity filling technology and rotary can seaming technology. The ProFill is designed to fill beverages in a variety of can sizes and volumes, offering today’s craft beer & beverage producers a wide range of flexibility. The ProFill Can filling systems achieve filling speeds ranging from 100 cans per minute up to 600 cans per minute while delivering very precise fill levels, very low O2 pickup, and minimal product loss.

The ProFill Can filler incorporates a highly engineered and superior manufactured rotary, high-speed, precision can seaming system that produces perfectly seamed cans while minimizing O2 pickup and product loss. This automatic beer can filling machine is integrated into the can filling system with a common-base design and a high-speed tangential can discharge ensuring optimal high-speed can control, very low O2 pickup, and superior product integrity. For commercial operations, ProFill offers commercial beer can filling equipment and commercial beer can filling machines that meet the highest standards of efficiency and precision.

Product Features
  • Rotary Seaming TechnologyUnlike inline, intermittent seaming systems, the ProFill Can seamer is a true, continuous-motion rotary seaming system. This delivers more consistent seaming performance, smoother can transfer, better fill control and reduced O2 pickup. In fact, integrated under-cover gassing virtually eliminates oxygen pickup.
  • Variable Speed Control and Tangential TransferThe monobloc ProFill Can filler and seamer are mechanically synchronized for precise operation and control. The drive system is VFD controlled so the ProFill Can filler can speed up and slow down to meet line demand. The integrated tangential can transfer delivers smoother can handling, higher-speeds, and reduced O2 pickup.
  • CO2 Purge, Counter Pressure Fill, and CO2 SniftUnlike inline can fillers that don’t seal the can, the ProFill Can filler utilizes true counter-pressure-gravity filling technology to purge the can with CO2 before filling, positively seal the can while filling, and snift the can after filling. These functions help the ProFill Can filler deliver industry leading < 30ppb (parts per billion) O2 pickup, tighter fill control, and automatic operation.
  • PLC Controls & Electronic AutomationProFill Can fillers utilize reliable and respected industrial PLCs and components from Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley) for superior automation and production reliability. The Compact Logix PLC monitors all functions of the system ranging from filling bowl level and pressure settings, product temperature, container presence, container jam, can-end presence, production speed, and many other critical parameters. The integrated PLC with color touchscreen HMI (human machine interface) displays all functions, conditions and alarm messages.
  • Hardened Seaming Chucks and RollersThe ProFill Can seaming system utilizes the best and more reliable can seaming tooling available. Chucks and Rollers are Titanium hardened sourced from Germany and offer an average life-cycle of over 40-million cans per head.
  • Electronic Filling Accuracy with Level and Pressure ControlThe ProFill Can filler utilizes state-of-the-art electronic filling bowl level and pressure control sensors. The sensors monitor product level while the PLC control system maintains optimum filling control to deliver very precise can filling. Customers gain 1-3% yield improvement over inline, intermittent motion style can fillers that are based on time-filling technology.