Beer, Seltzer, and Beverage Carbonation and Nitrogenation Systems

ProBrew's line of beverage carbonation machines allows organizations to substantially decrease carbonation times while ensuring the finest product integrity. Available in three different models:

  • ProCarb™
  • ProCarb™ Mini
  • ProCarb™ Plus

The ProCarb™ from ProBrew® is the carbonation machine solution that is accelerating beverage production for organizations of all sizes. Our carbonator machines are designed to meet the needs of any brewery, offering the best in brewery carbonation equipment to ensure top-quality carbonation for your products. Trust ProBrew for your in line carbonator needs, contact us today.

The ProCarb™ Mini is the cost effective inline carbonation or nitrogenation system designed to speed up and simplify the process of carbonation or nitrogenation in any craft brewery.

ProCarb is a state-of-the-art, industry leading inline carbonation and nitrogenation system that delivers the most accurate, consistent, easiest and quickest in-line carbonation and nitrogenation in the industry.

This revolutionary, proven process of carbonating or nitrogenating within the centrifuge offers significant benefits to brewers; such as, space savings, energy savings, tighter process control, precise and stable carbonation and nitrogenation, and a substantial reduction of potential DO (Dissolved Oxygen) pickup within the separator or throughout in the cellaring process.