The ProFill Beer Can filling system is a state-of-the-art, high-speed, mechanically controlled can filling system designed around proven European counter-pressure-gravity filling technology and can seaming technology. The ProFill Can is designed to fill beer in a variety of can sizes and volumes offering today’s craft brewers a wide range of flexibility. The ProFill Can filling systems achieve filling speeds ranging from 80 cans per minute with (12oz. cans) up to 300 cans per minute while delivering very precise fill levels, very low O2 pickup and minimal product loss.

The ProFill craft beer can filler incorporate a highly engineered, and superior manufactured, rotary, high-speed, precision can seaming system that produces perfectly seamed cans while minimizing O2 pickup and product loss. The seaming machine is integrated into the can filling system with a common-base design and a high-speed tangential can discharge ensuring optimal high speed can control, very low O2 pickup and superior product integrity.

  • Designed specifically for the growing craft brewery industry by delivering a wide range of canning options and flexibility at a best-in-class value
  • Very low Dissolved Oxygen pickup (< 30ppb) is achieved with CO2 pre-purge technology from an independent CO2 channel, and tangential can transfer with under-cover gassing
  • Precise vent-tube fill height control system with true counter-pressure-gravity filling technology for high-speed operation and superior product yield
  • Rotary filler and seamer design on a common-base with a tangential discharge, ensures perfect synchronization, high-speed operation, and reliable mechanical maintainability
  • Variable speed operation to meet production requirements and maintain high efficiency
  • Quick & easy adjustable Filler-Seamer height adjustment for different size containers (i.e. 12oz & 16oz.)
  • US based parts, service & support

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We are running comfortably at 150 cans per minute with very even fills, well within the TTB range, with an average package Dissolved Oxygen content between 40-45 ppb. There are a lot of breweries out there that are trying to run at 40 or more cans per minute and struggling to achieve package DO levels of under 100 ppb (parts per billion). That is just not good enough for us.“

(Eric Anderson, Saucy Brew Works in Cleveland, OH)

Get an inside look at Raised Grain’s all-new production facility utilizing their ProFill 90S can line!

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