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ProBrew Fermentation and Brite tanks can be designed to perfectly match the output of a ProBrew brewhouse or can be purchased individually to meet any brewery’s growth. All ProBrew tanks and vessels are designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Design parameters such as, stainless steel selection & quality, cooling rates, insulation, cladding and supporting structure are designed to protect product integrity, maximize production yield and efficiency, and save energy and money for our customers.

Brewery cellar design and function can be enhanced by utilizing the all-new, ProCellar automation and technology system to deliver reliable and efficient cellar operation. The revolutionary ProCellar system automates, simplifies, and tracks all wort transfer from the

brewhouse, beer transfer within the cellar, flow paths and flow rates, and continuously monitors fermenter temperatures & parameters, manages glycol control to reduce energy consumption, improves yield, reduces oxygen pickup, and integrates with a full range of filtration, separation, ProCarb™ inline carbonation and nitrogenation systems, and CIP On-Demand™ brewery CIP systems to deliver world-class efficiency, reliability, yield, and sustainability. ProCellar eliminates the need for hoses, and thereby improves efficiency, yield, and overall cleanliness and safety. Never make a beer transfer mistake again by incorporating ProCellar automation and technology. ProCellar is available in a wide range of configurations designed to suit new, existing, and expanding brewery cellars.

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“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of ProBrew’s automation. I tell them ‘I’d like to do this,’ and usually the answer is ‘Okay, we can make that happen.’“

(Scott Kelley, Co-founder of Raised Grain Brewing Co. in Waukesha, WI)

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