ProBrew’s industry-leading systems and technology are now even more user-friendly with easy-to-use automation and a mobile cart design to power up to 12 hours of battery operation! Introducing the complete line of ProBrew “A La Cart” Systems. Order One, two or all of them!

ProCarb MINI

The ProCarb MINI debuted as one of the first “A La Cart” systems designed with the same proven technology found in the original ProCarb but delivered in the ultra-portable cart option. This system easily carbonates up to 25 gallons per minute of finished beer or beverage by utilizing dual beverage and CO2 streams and proprietary ProCarb gas injection technology. Allen Bradley PLC Controls allow for touch screen interface operation to easily measure the product flow rate of both in- and out-going product, and consistently achieves pre-specified target carbonation levels. The carbonated product can then be supplied to various down-stream systems such as: an integrated product tank, Brite or buffer tank.

The ProCarb MINI helps customers save time, space, CO2, and money while also delivering better carbonation control and accuracy than traditional methods. The ProCarb MINI comes with the exclusive ProBrew 24VDC Rechargeable Battery Power Supply Technology for up to 12 hours of cordless operation and even more mobility.

Keg Filler

The ProBrew Keg Filler is a staple in the “A La Cart” series. This system was developed to accurately fill a full range of keg sizes while utilizing an ergonomic, mobile cart design for easy accessibility to any area of the brewery or facility. The ProBrew Keg Filler perfectly measures the product flow rate into the keg through Volumetric Digital Flowmeters. The flow rate is then transmitted to the Allen Bradley PLC and HMI Operator Interface to automatically shut the flow off when the correct amount of beer or product is filled into the keg for maximum filling control and accuracy. Customers are finding that they can pay for the ProBrew Keg Filler in less than 6 months with their savings in product yield.

The average flow rate of the ProBrew Keg Filler is between 3-5 gpm (gallons per minute) depending on beer and beverage type, temperature, or supply pressure. The ProBrew Keg Filler is available in 2-Head, 3-Head and 4-Head configurations allowing for a wide range of keg filling efficiencies.

Membrane Deaerator

The DA-5 & DA-10 are ProBrew’s latest additions to the “A La Cart” family. These state-of-the-art Membrane Deaeration systems are designed to deliver uncompromised water deaeration/de-gasification using ProBrew’s vacuum and proprietary Polypropylene Hydrophobic Membrane technology. The membrane system allows the DA-5 & DA-10 to deliver an Outlet O2 target of < 50ppb and capable of operating at a nominal flow rate up to 5 or 10 gallons per minute, respectively.

The DA-5 & DA-10 are simple to operate with Allen Bradley PLC Controls and Touchscreen Operator Interface standard on all models. While the DA-5 & DA-10 may be the largest in the “A La Cart” series, the ergonomic mobile design, 120VAC power requirement allows for easy mobility throughout any facility.

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