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Introducing ProService

With the launch of ProService, ProBrew now offers its craft beer customers the same world-class service their parent company, TechniBlend, has given to beverage giants like Anheuser-Busch, Miller-Coors, Sam Adams, Coca-Cola, and Pepsi to name a few. According to ProBrew president Derek Deubel, it was the natural next step. “As we’ve put more machines out in the field,” he explains, “creating a service component was the best way to support our customers.” Deubel knows a little something about tech support: he began his career as a Field Service Engineer for H&K (now KHS). Jay Steinbrecher, Director of ProService, has been around, too, with over 35 years of providing the brewing, beverage and food industry with best-in-class technical service and support. “I am very proud to be offering this level of service and support to the craft brewing industry,” he says. “Many of these customers need reliable, responsive and technically competent service and support. We’re happy to offer all aspects of technical support to anyone who needs it.”

Any Machine. Any Time.
One unique feature of ProService is that it is available to anyone, for any machine or technical issue. In fact, Steinbrecher states, “we have serviced many different brands of fillers, brewhouses, centrifuges, carbonators, etc. If you have a great team of engineers and technicians, they have pretty much seen it all and can get your equipment back up and running.” Take, for instance, a recent client from North Carolina. This brewery had ordered a canning line directly from China but ran into some snags installing it. They called ProService, who sent a tech out and got the line fired up and running great. “I’m really proud of that kind of thing,” Deubel says, “because it ties back to our mission and who we are, helping you ‘Brew Like a Pro.’”

The ProService team is well-versed in many equipment systems and programming languages as well as the kinds of automation and PLCs (programmable logic controllers) that more and more breweries rely upon. Ever practical and innovative, ProService even offers remote access tools that use your WiFi or a cellular network to login and troubleshoot issues. That leads to huge savings of time and money. Deubel contrasts this with his time as a field tech in the 90s: “Back then, when Anheuser-Busch or Miller-Coors called with a problem, you grabbed your laptop and some parts (hoping you got the right ones) and got on a plane. Today, 75% of the time our ProService technicians can jump online with the machine, be it a brewhouse, filler, ProCarb, and so on, and solve the problem for a customer remotely, quickly, and very inexpensively,” says Deubel. “That is incredible, and we love doing that any time of any day, 24/7.”

The Team That HAS Your Back
Jay Steinbrecher wryly points out that “we can do rebuilds on-site for any of our equipment we have out in the field, but the fact of the matter is brewers don’t usually need us to help with our own equipment.” Rather, ProService techs don’t often need to fix an equipment problem at all: “Our equipment tends to run faster and at higher volumes than a lot of comparable equipment, so much of the time it comes down to learning how to dial up the other parts so everything works together.” And that’s okay. The ProService folks know that most breweries don’t have an engineer on-site at all times to help when problems arise. As Derek Deubel puts it, “That’s what we’re here for. Just give us a call. We’ve got your back.

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