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The Goose Crosses the Pond

Goose Island Brewery and ProBrew bring US craft beers to England.

In mid-2018 ProBrew and AB InBev’s ZX Ventures Group began preliminary discussions about designing and building a new Goose Island Brewery and Brew Pub in London, England. Initial discussions revolved around finding a great location in a city of over 8-million people. The local team settled on the Shoreditch area, with its trendy, eclectic dining, shopping and club scene.

Both AB InBev and ProBrew had worked on other projects together, but this one was unique because of the high-profile location and the international aspect of the new venture. The team settled on a complete selection of ProBrew equipment and technology. The brewhouse selected was a 5HL (hectoliter / 4.25 BBL), 2-Vessel custom brewhouse with automatic rakes, IFM digital flow meters, Fristam centrifugal pumps, and a complete Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley PLC control system and HMI (Human Machine Interface). Andrew Walton, Head Brewer of Goose Island Shoreditch stated “I am extremely pleased with our ProBrew brewhouse, vessels, and other equipment.”

In order to brew and ferment some of Goose Island’s most popular beers, like their flagship Goose IPA, 312 Urban Wheat Ale, and Four Star Pils, ProBrew installed a cellar of six (6) 7 BBL Unitanks with a brew pub version of ProCellar, which included fully automatic, PLC controlled temperature control for the entire cellar, as well as the glycol refrigeration system. “The brew-house and brewery is very flexible, thoughtfully constructed and easy to brew on”, claims Walton. Additionally, the yield has consistently been in the mid to high-90% range.

ProBrew also supplied and commissioned the RAD mill for milling, the ProBrew 100 Liter automatic CIP system, and an additional Fristam Pump cart to round out the custom equipment. Not only did ProBrew supply all of the brewing equipment, but ProBrew also did the design, engineering and utility equipment sizing and sourcing to make sure that the new Goose Island Shoreditch brew pub could get up and running quickly and without any hitches. In fact, the installation of equipment was completed on October 19, 2018 and the first brew was not even 2-weeks later on November 1st, 2018. Andrew Walton noted that, “during commissioning and initial brewing ProBrew took the time to make sure that all the equipment was operating perfectly”.“Overall, ProBrew provided us with a great system, great equipment and service”, Andrew Walton, Head Brewer, Goose Island Shoreditch.

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