Canning Your Product – Not a Time for “What Ifs”

When your brewery takes the step to package beer or other beverages at scale, you need to choose the best possible option

Mobile Canning


What Ifs of Mobile Canning:
  •  What If the fees to can my beer start piling up?
    Mobile canners charge a variety of fees for using their equipment to can beer and in a way, it is like the brewery is paying rent to can their own product. These fees typically range from $3.00 to $4.80 per case. For example, if a brewery is producing 3,000 BBL into canned product, they will end up paying around $100,000/year in fees. That same amount of money could be used to make a down payment on your own customized equipment.
  • What If I need to ramp up production?
    Production output from a mobile canner typically does not meet the requirements of a growing brand. When compared to other options such as the ProBrew ProFill Can filling series that cans product from 100-600 cans per minute, mobile canning limits potential product output.
  • What If I need to can my product NOW?
    Mobile canning can lead to low control of your own production schedule. Flexibility is key in today’s market, and unfortunately mobile canning does not provide that.
    Mobile can filling has a place in the industry and can be a viable option for starting to can your product. However, breweries reaching this point cannot have the corresponding What Ifs that are attached to it.

Rotary Can Filling


What Ifs of Inline Can Filling:
  •  What If my product starts hitting low quality numbers?
    The constant stopping and starting of a can on an inline filler leads to increased product agitation, higher product waste, and increased potential for dissolved oxygen pickup when compared to a rotary can filler.
  • What If I need to ramp up production?
    This same What If applies to inline can filling due to the limitations of the machine design. Since the can must physically stop to get filled and then seamed, production outputs are typically capped at 100 cans per minute. This means that once you reach that max, you will most likely need to purchase an entirely different system. This can be avoided by buying a machine that can grow with your brewery and adjust outputs as needed.

Why ProBrew Only Sells Rotary Can Fillers


ProBrew only sells rotary can fillers because we believe that this is the best option for the beverage producers that we partner with. Rotary can fillers provide the necessary flexibility in output ranges that most breweries need to consistently grow at their own pace. As mentioned before, our can fillers can achieve consistent accuracy and quality of beers between 100-600 cans per minute applications. In addition, the adaptability of a rotary filler allows for different sized cans, typically 12 or 16 oz, to be filled in the same day utilizing fast changeover training that comes with every filler.

Finally, rotary fillers from ProBrew are filled with automation. This means that when it comes to low product waste, product agitation, and DO pickup, our rotary fillers are second to none. Rotary filling allows for product consistency at a scale that far exceeds mobile and inline filling.