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ProBrew Grows with Growing Beverage Industry

NEW BERLIN, WI — ProBrew has been so busy solving breweries’ production, cellaring, and packaging problems that they barely noticed a problem developing right at home: They were running out of space.

“There was a day a truck came to make a delivery and we weren’t sure where to put the tanks,” says Derek Deubel, ProBrew president. “Not only that, but between our parent company TechniBlend and ProBrew, we’ve doubled our staff in the last four years. There are about 50 of us, now.”

That number includes over 20 engineers (mechanical and electrical), a talented fabrication team, plus a handful of regional sales people, but they were running out of offices and space in New Berlin.

This summer, ProBrew and TechniBlend, will move out of their 25,000 sq. ft. building into a 93,000 sq. ft. facility they purchased in the Town of Brookfield, about eight miles northwest. They will use 71,000 sq. ft. of that for their purposes and lease the rest to an existing tenant.

“It means more rooms for meetings and more ways to make our customers feel welcome when they visit, but most importantly it means more space to build our brewhouses and ProCarbs, ProFills and Alchemators and so on,” Deubel explains.

Deubel and the team are designing the new location to be the total experience. They are a building a full-on beverage innovator and testing lab and will continue to have state-of-the-art analytical testing equipment from Anton Paar for brix, plato, DO, CO2, and alcohol.

“Innovations like the Alchemator, DO (Dissolved Oxygen) reduction technology, and HGB (High-Gravity Blending) systems are important to our customer’s success, and we are going to keep trying to make our customers wildly successful,” notes Deubel.

It also puts them a few minutes closer to their de facto showroom and friends at Raised Grain Brewing, also in Waukesha.

“What’s also very exciting is this move will allow us to really grow with the beverage industry,” he adds. “A lot of craft breweries are upgrading, and we’ve also seen a lot of interest in our equipment for coffee, kombucha, seltzer, and THC/CBD-infused drinks.”

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