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ProLine is a comprehensive, innovative, customer-centric approach to designing bottling and canning lines that meet the needs and expectations of our customers. ProLine packaging lines typically start with a ProFill Bottle or Can filler and utilize the most appropriate and reliable primary and secondary packaging systems such as depalletizers, uncasers, labelers, erectors, packers, palletizers and conveyor systems.

ProLine’s world-class group of packaging line designers and control engineers brings decades of experience from a variety of industries including large and small scale breweries to today’s rapidly growing craft brewing market. Our goal is to implement our simplified, proven, line-design philosophy with standardized design architecture, which results in accelerated startups, minimized operator involvement and long-term sustained line performance.

In combination with ProLine’s design and engineering services, ProBrew offers a full range of brewery specific technical and support services including brewery design and engineering, utility engineering, equipment and system specification, as well as, onsite turnkey brewery implementation and installation, and equipment and system technical service and support for the complete range of ProBrew products as well as legacy or 3rd-party brewery equipment.

Quality packaging made simple.

With service and support
to back it up.

ProBrew does it all . . .
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“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of ProBrew’s automation,
I tell them, ‘I’d like to do this,’ and usually the answer is,
‘Okay, we can make that happen.“

( Dr. Scott Kelly, Brewmaster Raised Grain Brewery Waukesha, Wi.)

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