Cannabis (CBD & THC) Infusions

With the popularization of legal cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes, there has been a rise in the demand for cannabis infused beverages and, in turn, infused beverage equipment. However popular, the actual process of combining CBD oil and other cannabis extracts with juice, tea, beer, and coffee can be a tricky and tedious process.

With our selection of ProCarb units, true counter-pressure-gravity ProFill Can fillers, and Flash Pasteurizers, ProBrew is able to provide you with the beverage processing equipment needed to successfully blend, carbonate, package, and safely extend the shelf life of cannabis infused drinks by utilizing the same quality and efficiency your customers expect from this growing industry.

ProBrew CBD & THC Infused Beverage Equipment

ProBrew’s ProCarb technology allows the beverage maker to gasify every ounce of product quickly, evenly, and efficiently while shaving hours off the production time in comparison to brite stones or other techniques. Through the use of our ProCarb units, your drink’s carbonation and nitrogenation can be adjusted to your exact specifications based on the amount of product and the type of product being processed. All ProCarb units use Allen Bradly PLC controls for easy monitoring and gas distribution to ensure your exact levels of gasification are perfectly obtained every time.

Our ProFill Can lines offer can filler & seamer technology with an unmatched value to our customers. ProFill Can lines range in speeds from 90cpm (cans per minute) to 300cpm and are easily interchangeable for different can sizes.

ProFill Can fillers use true counter-pressure gravity filling technology to virtually eliminate extra DO (dissolved oxygen) pickup and preserve a longer product shelf life. Tangential transfer and rotary seaming technology provide a smooth can transfer followed by perfectly double-sealed cans for more efficient packaging with minimal product disturbance or waste.

ProFill Can lines utilize an HDMI interface with Allen Bradley PLC controls for operator efficiency and regulation.

When ProBrew decided to branch into the newest trending markets, we once again looked to our parent company, TechniBlend Inc, for research and development into exactly what equipment beverage processors will need to safely and successfully produce their CBD & THC infused products.

Our state-of-the-art Flash Pasteurizers sustain continuous product flow while regulating the process speed to evenly expose the liquid to temperatures of 160 °F to 165 °F for about 15 to 30 seconds, followed immediately by a rapid cool down to temperatures ranging from 39.2 °F to 42 °F. This process eliminates unwanted, harmful microorganisms in the liquid to safeguard product quality and shelf life.

ProBrew engineers Flash Pasteurizers in a variety of sizes and modifications for production speeds ranging from 10 to 200 gallons per minute.

We stand behind our equipment and technology to ensure your beverage is at peak freshness and taste throughout the packaging and distribution process, and well on into the customer’s consumption.

Our Services

Our team of dedicated professionals has a combined 50+ years of experience, and we’ve been making a splash in the brewing industry for over ten years. Today, ProBrew is ready to extend our high-quality engineering and manufacturing capabilities to the world of cannabis. With our professional-grade equipment and knowledgeable staff, we provide the technology & service that gives your beverage the quality and support you need. Whether your product calls for the use of ProCarb Units, ProFill Can fillers, or Flash Pasteurizers, you can trust that ProBrew will meet and exceed your expectations.

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