ProBrew Mobile Keg Filler

ProFill Keg Filling systems come with 1, 2, or 4 filling head options, all utilizing automatic Allen Bradley PLC controls to ensure precise and repeatable filling accuracy. The All-New ProBrew Mobile Keg Filler introduces convenient mobility features with the addition of a 24VDC battery and ergonomic cart allowing for up to 12 hours of cordless operation, and direct placement near the brite tank and kegging operation.

ProBrew Keg Washer 

ProBrew’s Keg Washer is now available as a separate option from filling to conform with space requirements, and eliminate tedious keg flipping between filling and washing. ProBrew’s Keg Washer technology improves keg washing efficacy, while saving time, energy, water and chemicals for producers and manufacturers across many industries. ProBrew’s Keg Washer comes in 1, 2 & 4 head configurations, with Allen Bradley PLC controls for automatic cleaning features including CO2 purge, water rinse, and chemical and/or steam sanitization. CIP tanks allow for caustic and sanitizer chemical injection or can easily integrate with CIP On-Demand features in your brewery CIP system.

Features & Benefits

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