ProFill Canning Service

ProFill Can lines now available as a service!

ProBrew is here to help you Fill Like a Protm with our all-new Machine as a Service option! We teamed up with Steamchain to offer our technologically advanced ProFill Can lines for 50% up front cost with an annual service and support guarantee. ProFill Can lines run 90 – 300 cans per minute with rotary seaming, true counter pressure gravity filling technology for minimal DO pickup, optimal beverage integrity, and superior packaging capabilities over open-air inline fillers.

The ProFill Canning Service utilizes a “pay-as-you-go” model based on your annual production forecast when filling at 100% in 12-ounce (211×413) cans. ProBrew will quickly determine which ProFill canning line best suits your facility, then average your monthly cost at a “price per can” rate.

  • Steamchain technology allows ProBrew to remotely monitor your ProFill Can line throughout your program period.
  • If you produce more than forecasted, your annual payment amount can be reevaluated to suit the forecast changes.
  • Upon delivery and setup, ProBrew will send out our team of highly trained service professionals to work with your can line operators and get them up to speed on your ProFill Can system’s usage and care.
  • An annual visit to perform a tune up of the filling system, further training for new or existing operators, and audit for possible service, is also included. This keeps your expenses predictable by eliminating unforeseen capital surprises and keeps your ProFill system running like new year-after-year!
  • Throughout the term of your program, ProBrew continues the standard service and support with a 1-year warrantee covering any manufacturing or assembly defects. ProBrew service will be available 24/7 to keep your line fully operational.
  • For your peace of mind, ProBrew provides reminders and confirmation that the maintenance is completed.

As an end user, you have flexible options at the end of the program term allowing you to make the best decision for your business with real time adjustment to your current packaging and growing distribution:

  • Restart the service program with a renewed contract and upgraded system
  • Continue on with current system & monthly service-only plan
  • ProBrew will buy back the machine for a used rate. Buy back can be applied to an upgraded system

ProFill Canning Service offers you the innovative technology and high-quality ProFill Can line packaging capabilities on a deferred payment service to help you Fill Like a Protm !
For more information, please visit our affiliates at steamchain

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