3-Vessel Brewhouse
Best-in-class brewing quality

3-Vessel Brewhouse

ProBrew’s 3-Vessel Brewhouses are designed to deliver best-in-class brewing quality, efficiency, yield and simplicity for today’s rapidly growing craft breweries. ProBrew’s standard 3-Vessel brewhouse design consists of an individual Mash Tun and Lauter Tun with an integrated Brew Kettle & Whirlpool. Utilizing ProBrew’s best-in-class automation & controls to maximize efficiency and versatility, these 3-Vessel systems are the perfect solution to meet your brewing needs.

ProBrew’s 3-Vessel Brewhouse systems are available with several options to help deliver brewing efficiency, control & automation, and overall flexibility.

Typical size range: 20 BBL, 30 BBL, 50 BBL (custom sizing & configuration available on 50 BBL or larger.)

Standard 3-Vessel Brewhouse configuration

  • High Gravity Mash Tun
    • Low pressure steam jacket with PLC controlled temperature control for optimum profile capability
    • VFD speed and function controlled, custom engineering mash mixer for low sheer, efficient mash mixing designed to handle high gravity brews
  • High Gravity Lauter Tun designed to handle larger grist loads
    • Integrated, VFD speed and function controlled rake system designed to cut and lift grain bed to maximize extract yield, reduce lautering time and automate grain out processes
    • Custom designed wedge wire false bottom designed to maximize yield and minimize grain pass-through
    • Grain out access manway for easy and efficient grain out processing
    • Multipoint wort collection design for uniform bed formation and high yield extract collection
  • Brew Kettle / Whirlpool Vessel with integrated steam jacket and temperature control
    • Custom designed vessel optimized for rapid boiling and efficient and high yield trub separation
    • Low pressure steam jacket with PLC controlled temperature control for efficient and vigorous boil control
    • Tangential inlet for proper centrifugal force for efficient trub separation
  • Semi-Automated Controls with Allen-Bradley PLC & Remote Access Support
  • UL Electrical System with NEMA 4X Control Panel
  • 316L Sanitary Pumps with VFD Controls
  • 316L Stainless Steel Plate Heat Exchanger for “Knock Out” with integrated temperature controls
  • Manual Sanitary Butterfly Valves
  • Ergonomic and efficient 304 stainless steel Brew Deck with easy access to all vessels and brewing functions


  • Integrated ProBrew CIP On-Demand System with automated chemical addition and concentration monitoring
  • Full-Automation Allen-Bradly PLC Control System with integrated remote access and control and large format color touchscreen operator control panel
  • Hot Liquor Tank – Designed and Sized for Multiple Brew efficiency
  • Cold Liquor Tank – Fully insulated and integrated
  • Raising & Lowering rakes allowing rake flexibility and function during lautering and grain out processes
  • External Calandria for quick and efficient wort heating, enabling rapid and vigorous boiling in the brew kettle
  • Lauter Grant for improved Lauter Tun runoff control and quality control
  • Air Actuated Automatic Butterfly Valves

ProBrew does it all . . .
and more for Raised Grain


“I’ve been really impressed with the flexibility of ProBrew’s automation,
I tell them, ‘I’d like to do this,’ and usually the answer is,
‘Okay, we can make that happen.“

( Dr. Scott Kelly, Brewmaster Raised Grain Brewery Waukesha, Wi.)

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