Industry leading inline carbonation


ProCarb is a state-of-the-art, industry leading inline carbonation and nitrogenation system that delivers the most accurate, consistent, easiest and quickest in-line carbonation and nitorgenation in the industry.

ProCarb is based on extensive research, development and the science of how gases like, CO2 and N2 are absorbed into beer. ProCarb combines this know-how with world-class control technology into a reliable, easy to use, carbonation and nitrogenation system. ProCarb can be used as a standalone, mobile, or integrated cost-effective system to precisely carbonate or nitrogenate beer, reduce carbonation times by over 500%, increase CO2 or N2 utilization, improve carbonation accuracy, save significant floor space compared to brite tanks, and increase brewery sustainability and reduce carbon footprint.

The ProCarb employs unique gas injection and mixing technology to ensure CO2 or N2 is optimally dispersed and absorbed. Precise, PLC controlled electronic flow-meters measure gas and liquid flow rates to control very accurate injection ratios. Automatic pressure control guarantees levels and saturation pressures are always achieved for optimal product stability and quality.

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